1. 1790
    Balblair 1790

    Balblair Distillery Established

    Balblair Distillery is established in 1790 by local man, John Ross, although the first known records date from 1749.

  2. 1824
    John Ross

    The Ross Family

    John Ross is joined by his son, Andrew, and thereafter the sons and grandsons of John Ross operated the Balblair farm and distillery until the last years of the 19th century.

  3. 1862

    Railway Opens

    The Highland Railway Company build the Inverness to Ardgay line which opens on 1st June 1862.

  4. 1894
    Balblair Gate

    Alexander Cowan

    James Ross givesup the tenancy of Balblair which is transferred to Alexander Cowan, an Inverness wine merchant. Cowan brings Balblair into the 20th Century by building the present offices, still house, mash house, kiln and barns.

  5. 1895
    Balblair Distillery & Railway Line

    Distillery Relocation

    By now the railway had come to Balblair bringing coal for the still and boiler and barley for the malting. To take advantage of the railway line the Distillery is moved half a mile north to its current location.

  6. 1911
    Distillery closes in 1911


    Tough economic times led to the distillery ceasing production.

  7. 1932
    Balblair pagoda

    The last drop

    The last drop of whisky leaves the warehouses in 1932.

  8. 1939
    Balblair Washbacks


    It is probably just as well that the Distillery was dry, as the next occupants were the army, who commandeered the buildings at the outbreak of the Second World War until 1945.

  9. 1948
    Balblair Workforce 1949

    Robert James “Bertie” Cumming

    Robert James “Bertie” Cumming, a solicitor from Banff, purchases the distillery for £48,000.

  10. 1949
    Production resumes 1949

    Production resumes

    Production resumes for the first time since before the First World War.

  11. 1960
    Balblair Distillery

    Local rail station closes

    The Edderton Railway Station closes in 1960.

  12. 1964
    Balblair Aerial Shot

    Distillery expansion

    Balblair Distillery expands with extra warehouses and the first steam boiler.

  13. 1970
    Balblair Distllery 1979

    Allied Distillers

    Cummings sells Balblair Distillery to Hiram Walker, the company that later becomes Allied Distillers.

  14. 1980
    Balblair Stills

    Distillery improvements

    Extensive development happens throughout the 1980's. A new roof is put on the mash house where two new steel grist bins are installed.

  15. 1996
    Balblair Distillery

    Inver House Distillers

    Balblair Distillery is purchased by Inver House Distillers and so begins the newest chapter in the history of this timeless distillery.

  16. 2007
    Balblair Cask 2007

    Vintages timed to perfection

    In 2007 the bold move is taken to only release Balblair as a Vintage Whisky. Every bottle of Balblair captures the essence of its Vintage year, the year in which it was distilled and laid down in casks.

  17. 2007
    1997, 1989 and 1979 whisky

    Balblair Vintage 1997, 1989 & 1979

    Every Balblair cask is sampled, judged and hand-selected by our Distillery Manager, John MacDonald, to find its optimum maturation point, the point at which each Vintage says its ready. The first Vintages released are 1997, 1989 and 1979.

  18. 2007
    1986 whisky

    Balblair Vintage 1986

    Balblair Vintage 1986 is launched Exclusively for Global Travel Retail.

  19. 2008
    whisky bottle

    Balblair Vintage 1975

    Balblair Vintage 1975 is released in January 2008 as the replacement Vintage for 1979.

  20. 2008
    bottle label

    Balblair Vintage 1990

    Balblair Vintage 1990 is released as the Global Travel Retail exclusive in replace of Vintage 1986.

  21. 2008
    1965 whisky

    Balblair Vintage 1965

    Balblair launches its oldest offering to date, Balblair Vintage 1965. This Single Cask was distilled on 23rd March 1965 and matured in an American Oak ex-Sherry butt producing only 350 bottles.

  22. 2009
    1978 whisky

    Balblair Vintage 1978

    Balblair Vintage 1978 is released as the replacement of 1975.

  23. 2009
    1991 whisky

    Balblair Vintage 1991

    Balblair Vintage 1991 is introduced as the replacement for Vintage 1989.

  24. 2010
    whisky bottle

    Balblair Vintage 2000

    Balblair Vintage 2000 is launched to replace Vintage 1997.

  25. 2010
    1989 whisky

    Balblair Vintage 1989 2nd Release

    The 2nd release of Balblair 1989 replaces Balblair 1991.

  26. 2010
    1993 whisky

    Balblair Vintage 1993

    Balblair 1993 is launched as a market Exclusive Vintage in Russia.

  27. 2011
    whisky bottle

    Balblair Vintage 1995

    Balblair Vintage 1995 is launched as a Swedish Exclusive.

  28. 2011
    2000 whisky

    Balblair Vintage 2000 2nd Release

    Balblair launches its 2nd release of Vintage 2000.

  29. 2011
    1991 whisky

    Balblair Vintage 1991 2nd Release

    1991 2nd releases replace 1989 2nd release.

  30. 2011
    1995 whisky

    Balblair Vintage 1995 2nd Release

    Balblair Vintage 1995 2nd Release is released as a Global Travel Retail Exclusive, replacing Vintage 1990.

  31. 2011
    whisky bottle

    Balblair Vintage 2001

    Balblair Vintage 2001 replaces Vintage 2000 2nd release.

  32. 2011
    Distillery Visitor Centre

    Balblair Opens its doors

    Balblair opens its doors to visitors offering personal Distillery tours, exclusive hand bottlings and shop. The 'Time Capsule' rooms allows visitors to learn more about the history of Balblair and experience the sights and sounds of particular past years

  33. 2012
    1989 whisky

    Balblair Vintage 1989 3rd Release

    Balblair Vintage 1989 3rd release is launched in place of 1991 2nd release.

  34. 2012
    1975 whisky

    Balblair Vintage 1975 2nd Release

    The 2nd release of 1975 replaces 1978 2nd release.

  35. 2012
    1996 whisky

    Balblair Vintage 1996

    Balblair Vintage 1996 is launched as a Global Travel Retail Exclusive.

  36. 2012
    whisky bottle

    Balblair Vintage 2002

    Balblair Vintage 2002 is launched as the replacement Vintage for 2001.

  37. 2012
    1997 whisky

    Balblair Vintage 1997 2nd Release

    A 2nd release of the popular Balblair Vintage 1997 is launched.

  38. 2012
    1969 whisky

    Balblair Vintage 1969

    Balblair Vintage 1969 is launched firstly in the States, with globally availability rolling out later in 2013.

  39. 2013
    Balblair Bottles

    Introduction of new Vintages

    For the first time since 2007, 3 brand new Vintages are introduced simultaneously; Balblair Vintage 2003, Vintage 1990 2nd Release and Vintage 1983, as well as the global introdcution of Balblair 1969.

  40. 2014
    travel retail whisky

    New Vintages exclusively for Travel Retail

    March 2014 saw Balblair release three new Vintages exclusively in the Travel Retail channel. Balblair Vintage 2004, matured in bourbon barrels, the first release of the Balblair Vintage 1999 and the Balblair Vintage 2004, which is matured in sherry butts

  41. 2014
    BB 99 WEB

    Balblair 1999 Vintage

    This summer sees the launch of the second release of the 1999 Vintage from Balblair Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

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