Our Distillery Manager

Our Distillery Manager, John MacDonald, is an exceptionally talented, driven and, above all, patient man. Truth be told, he’d have to be, as our fine single malts won’t be rushed. By anyone. 

Balblair Distillery Manager John MacDonald


A native Highlander, John has always had an in-built appreciation and respect for whisky-making, and has dedicated his entire working life to the craft.

After leaving college, John’s first position in a distillery was at one not too far from our own. It was supposed to be a year out but John ended up staying for 17 years. During that time, John learned about every aspect of whisky-making. He went from warehouse boy to mill-man to mash-man, and then still-man, before finishing up as the Assistant Distillery Manager.

But when the post of Distillery Manager became available at Balblair back in 2006, John jumped at the chance. After all, this was his dream job, having always been a huge admirer of Balblair whisky, the distillery and its location. And like most who work here, it’s safe to say, John won’t be going anywhere else anytime soon.

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